Writing Resources

Do you want to write but not sure where to start?

Are you a writer who needs some help?

Interested in self-publishing?

Looking for inspiration?


Allow me to introduce you to ten amazing people I’ve discovered on my writing journey. These are wonderful, kindhearted people who are more than happy to help you in any way they can. They are writers, indie authors, teachers and coaches. They’ve created programs, podcasts and classes to help others. They helped me and I’m honored to share them with you. 


Lauren Sapala--an author, coach and creative guide. If you’re an introvert, INFJ or INFP, she’s the one to check out. She offers videos, articles, classes, has published books and also provides coaching services. 

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Anna-Marie O’Brien self-published her memoir, is a writing coach and now offers a program for memoir writers. 


Jas Hothi, AKA, the indie writer, self-published his first book called The Indie Author. It’s a compilation of interviews with self-published authors, including me, and it’s both inspirational and filled with important information for writers and aspiring indie authors. 


Indie and traditional author, Allessandra Torre, created Inkers Con, an annual event that features speakers and workshops to help and inspire you on your writing journey. A must! 



Dave Chesson created Kindlepreneur, a valuable resource to help you on your Amazon publishing journey. His articles, videos, workshops and program are another must if you’re serious about your writing life/career. 


There are a few writers I’m honored to know and who have reached out to support and encourage me on my own writing journey.                                                                                                                                                                                       

Rebekah Mallory

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Katherine Turner


John C. Davis


Peg Cheng


Finally, I highly recommend Roxana, a social anxiety expert who created her site and provides help and encouragement for everyone who suffers from social anxiety. She creates both informative and funny videos and has her own podcast.