Is Lou’s town, Stone Hollow, really haunted or is it just her?

A year after her best friend’s suicide, Lou still struggles to heal. She battles daily grief, pain and unanswered questions. She loves her job, her sister and her charming old town. And there’s Ben–her gorgeous and devoted boyfriend. They share a love and passion that should be enough, but she can’t fully commit to him. 

So when Eric, a mysterious and sexy artist, enters her world, she is struck by desire for him and allured by what he offers her.

Will her choices finally lead her to peace and heal her wounded soul? Can she get her life back? Or will she lose what she loves most?

*** It’s a great read and one of those books that keeps you turning the pages no matter how many distractions are going on around you. The author did a phenomenal job of drawing characters who are as fully rounded and complex as real people. –Lauren Sapala, author of The INFJ Writer and Between the Shadow and Lo

***This story may be fiction, but it is REAL. There’s no right or wrong or black and white in this book–it’s all gray and messy, just like real human struggle and emotion. And there are different paths for finding your way to the other side of that pain, just as there are in life. –Katherine Turner, author of Finding Annie and Resilient

***I found myself thinking about the book throughout the day, wondering what Lou will do. Very well written. This book is a hidden gem. –E.B. Rose, author of Lion of Zarall and A Violent Lullaby   


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Everyone thinks I’m dead, but I’m not. At least, I don’t feel dead. I don’t feel alive either, but then again, I never did.

Gia is living a steady but uninspired small-town life until a handsome and mysterious man appears in her world. Their connection and attraction is immediate and undeniable.

But while Gia desires him, she is also battling her ex, dealing with trouble from her past and the current nightmares that haunt her and make her wonder if she’s going crazy.

Gia’s handsome stranger holds the answers she desperately seeks and can solve the mystery of her nightmares, but will she lose her heart and soul in the process?

Forbidden attraction, buried memories, second chances and a fight between good and evil. Gia must face it all. Will she walk away victorious or succumb to the desire of the demon who’s been stalking her since childhood?

**This is the companion novella to Bring Me to Life. If you wondered what really happened to Gia, this is her story.**

***I loved this book because it was unapologetically dark in places, and at the same time it held out a lot of hope to the reader to continue believing in the beauty of life. It would be a great novel to read with friends or in a book club because it doesn’t demand a huge time commitment, but there’s so much to ponder and discuss within it. –Lauren Sapala, author of Firefly Magic and West is San Francisco

***Gia fights a demon, I think, most people can relate to–the one that lurks inside. Our deepest fears, our worst memories, and the discomfort of our own mortal uncertainty. Written in a way that made me feel like I was inside the Sixth Sense (the movie), Patricia Kirsch showcases her fantastic writing and storytelling talent. –Rebekah Mallory, author of Train Gone

***The author expertly keeps you on your toes just long enough and then brings all the puzzle pieces together in a beautifully cohesive masterpiece. It’s not often I find a book this intriguing or one that keeps me guessing. –Katherine Turner, author of Moments of Extraordinary Courage and Resilient


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Lily tempts fate when she almost hits a black cat that crosses her path just days before Halloween. Superstition insists she should feel scared, but instead, she becomes enchanted by the stunning feline with deep blue eyes.

Originally, Lily moved to Barnes, a small town in rural Pennsylvania, to find inspiration for her dull writing career. But, in the course of a week, she discovers so much more–new friends, quirky residents, a little romance, intrigue and an evening that she’ll never forget and will change her future.

Join Lily on her Halloween adventure and meet Ghost, Dirty Mary, Parker, and the legendary Stealin’ Moon. And discover the magic of a little black cat during the most mysterious time of the year.

***Halloween Eve is an enchanting story with a unique mystery that draws you in almost immediately and keeps you reading until the very end. –Ann Marie Jameson, author of A Bed of Roses (Willow Rose Series)

***What a “sweet treat” Patricia Kirsch has given to us who love the mystery of Halloween! You will so enjoy the characters and you will not want to put her book down! –Toni, Amazon reviewer

***Halloween Eve was the perfect story to whisk me away from the humdrum of the everyday. Highly recommend this story if you’re looking for a fun read that takes you away. –Rebekah Mallory, author of Train Gone