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Is Lou’s town, Stone Hollow, really haunted or is it just her?

A year after her best friend’s suicide, Lou still struggles to heal. She battles daily grief, pain and unanswered questions. She loves her job, her sister and her charming old town. And there’s Ben–her gorgeous and devoted boyfriend. They share a love and passion that should be enough, but she can’t fully commit to him. 

So when Eric, a mysterious and sexy artist, enters her world, she is struck by desire for him and allured by what he offers her.

Will her choices finally lead her to peace and heal her wounded soul? Can she get her life back? Or will she lose what she loves most?


There is beauty in heartbreak and loss.

There is always light and love.

Family, love, relationships, pain, hope and courage–realities of life. This collection of poems touches them all.

You’re invited to read and see me for the flawed but hopeful person I am. The person maybe we all are.