What’s next?

Wondering where I’m going next with my writing?

You already know I love poetry and fiction, and I will continue to write both. I’m working on two fiction manuscripts. One is a companion novel to Halloween Eve. In this story, you’ll meet Parker as a troubled teenager. But it’s really centered around Josh and Megan. Have tissues nearby.

And if you enjoyed Bring Me to Life, I’m headed back to Stone Hollow in the next book of this series. You’ll get to know Eric the photographer better and one of his models dubbed, “Train Girl.” There will be old legends, ghosts, suspense, and, of course, romance.

I’ve always loved biographies and memoirs, and I’ve been writing essays and memories that I hope to include in my memoir. I’ve been inspired by the many amazingly talented writers I’ve met who’ve had the courage to tell their stories. At this point in my life, I think I want to tell mine.

And, finally, for years I’ve had an idea for a book that would not only entertain, but inspire all my fellow animal lovers. I adore all animals, but I’ve always had a big place in my heart for black cats. I can thank the 20+ years I spent working in the animal field where I met so many memorable dogs and cats. But there were special cats, the black cats, who stole my heart. Nash, for one, was mine for 15 years, and he was my angel. So, to honor him and all black cats because they are often misunderstood, overlooked and underestimated, I am putting together a book just for them. 

Hope your writing projects are going well. 

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