Hi and thanks for checking out my site! You can call me Trish, just a girl who’s been obsessed with books and writing since I can remember. I named this site The Second Chance Writer because that’s how I feel about my writing journey.

In grade school, I loved poetry and nothing was more fun than writing my own lines. In high school, one of my poems was noticed and published in our English group’s literary journal. That was big for a shy dreamer like me.

I studied English literature in college. I thrived around all my literature and writing friends and wrote short stories, poetry, one-act plays and a biographical piece about my grandma that was published in Welter, my school’s literary journal. I had never felt more confident about my writing. I wasn’t just a shy dreamer anymore.

Then I graduated. I was lost. I struggled with my writing and took jobs that sucked the life and soul from me. The excitement, inspiration and confidence that I had in college, disappeared. I was frustrated and ashamed. I became depressed and worked to gain my confidence and self-esteem back.

I started writing in a journal again. I wrote about my depression, my memories, and I wrote some new poems. It felt so good to put words to paper. But I still thought my writing journey was probably over.

Then I started dating Brian. We were already friends and he knew about my writing dreams. Falling in love with such a good man and building a life with him was the most effective therapy. Plus, his many colorful and amazing life stories inspired many of my own stories! Add lots of nudges, hugs and positive encouragement from him, and I finally saw myself as a writer again. Maybe my journey was far from over.

I wrote short stories, poems and crafted ideas for novels. I discovered blogging and began a poetry blog. I participated and won NaNoWriMo five times! And I realized that I wanted to self-publish my work. I wanted my dreams. I wanted this second chance at my writing journey.

So, here I am, after all the years of loneliness, depression, setbacks and frustration. I self-published my first novel in 2018 and there’s so much more to come.

I’m taking and loving my second chance, and I hope that if you’re struggling with your writing journey, you’ll find a way to take yours. We all deserve a second chance at our dreams.


Just a note–I called myself a shy dreamer, but today I call myself a happy introvert. I’ve found a lovely community of introverts online, and I’ve discovered so much about myself and my personality. (I am an INFJ, and if you’re reading this and are also an INFJ, I’d love to hear from you.)

I’m meeting so many amazing, creative, kind and inspirational people, and I’m learning so much about myself, my past, present, and what I want in the future. I’ll be sharing all my stories, thoughts and experiences here and hopefully will connect with and inspire others.