Almost-end-of-summer memoir and fiction reads I am honored to be a part of this end-of-summer book giveaway with these amazing women writers. If you haven't read Bring Me to Life or Gia yet, now's your chance to download a free copy. And I highly recommend the unforgettable memoirs Train Gone by Rebekah Mallory and Adventures of a Metalhead Librarian … Continue reading Almost-end-of-summer memoir and fiction reads

Train Gone–A Coda Ex-JW Memoir

Memoirs.  I've always loved reading other people's stories, but who wouldn't? More than interest and entertainment, there's always something to learn from another person's personal experiences, intimate knowledge and wisdom. There's always something to take away. Sometimes you feel good and hopeful, other times angry and needing a tissue. But I've never finished a memoir, … Continue reading Train Gone–A Coda Ex-JW Memoir