Mirrors Strike Back


     Sometimes you discover a writer who you simply click with. You become engrossed in whatever they write, buy whatever they publish, and their words stay with you long after you’ve read them. That’s the kind of writer Rebekah Mallory is. Having first found her online through her blog, I knew her honest, edgy, compelling writing would be something I’d follow.

     And I have followed her, waiting patiently for her debut memoir, Train Gone, and devouring it in record time. She is a CODA (child of deaf adults), ex-JW, and a courageous, confident woman who has been hurt, who has hurt herself, and who is always learning, growing and becoming the kick-ass person she really always has been.

     Her adventures and education continue in the sequel, Mirrors Strike Back, a fitting title that suggests it’s difficult to look at yourself, who you are, what you’ve done and who you hope to be. Others hold up that mirror and remind you over and over about your choices and mistakes. The mirror is unforgiving. The mirror is everywhere, in every place, with the people who enter our lives and the ones we love most. We all have that mirror.

     I loved this sequel. I loved reading about Mallory’s solo vacation to Hawaii, the pure love she has for her beloved dachshunds, the slow and sweet romance that developed into love between her and the General. I loved how she handled becoming a stepmom, the various places they lived, the spirit she encountered. I admired how she worked diligently on herself, her self-respect, her career, marriage and the daily grief from the loss of her family. And I appreciated her “superpower.” There is so much in this sequel. I was disappointed when it ended!

     Mirrors came at the right time for me. There were so many things I resonated with. So many quotes that hit me, and I believe most people would understand. For one, “I needed to get used to things not working out with people the way I envisioned, then resume some type of relationship with them.” And another favorite, “When people show you who they are, believe them.”

     There were also many interesting facts about cults, which don’t always surround religion. Mallory’s memoir is for everyone. If you like your authors original, authentic and talented, read her memoirs. She is an amazing storyteller and inspiring woman. 


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