My first writing love was poetry and I’ve been reading and writing it since I was a child. Here, I wanted to share just a few of my poems. You can find a lot more on my site Impressions. 


Lying in the makeshift bed

in the little flowered room,

I smell the aroma of her

morning bread.

I’m not alone

but I feel alone

with my angry older

brother on the opposite wall.

I want to butter a warm slice,

I want to see her smile,

feel love,

taste her bread.

But I look at him

and I know

it’ll be stale.


A Poem a Day

A poem a day

keeps that asshole at bay.

My headache weakens

when my pen smacks 

the paper.

I laugh gloriously,

I can inhale

another day.

I turn his head

when I stand for

a reading.

He steps in his drool

and I smile–

I love to turn that 

man into a fool.

Sweet vengeance

yes, it’s mine

and I thank words,

my writing–

It’s better every time

than fighting.


My Path

Why can’t I say it?

Words are so hard spoken,

if only I could write them

this time,

but I can’t.

I can heal. I can become

someone amazing

if I can find the courage

to speak.

Years and years of one-way

living is so difficult to


But I remember all the

good things I was taught,

all the important things

and all my prayers, my

dreams, my faith.

They add up to me.

I can beat this beast

once and for all

and I can be on my way–

my path.


Second Chance

Looking for material

praying for strength

I shoot the gun

that claimed your


I’d travel great

distances and not lose

who I am

but I’d shine my

light and hope you

want to see me again.

It’s like starting over

and I dread the change

but knowing you’re

so close

makes my heart

beat again.


This poem was originally published in the literary journal called Reflections.


Want to read more?

Check out The Touch and Sin.

And you can buy my published collection of poetry called See Me on Amazon.


There is beauty in heartbreak and loss.
There is always light and love.

Family, love, relationships, pain, hope and courage–many realities of life. This collection of poems touches them all.

You’re invited to read and see me for the flawed but hopeful person I am.
The person maybe we all are.