Writing Journey

The rush and mystery of writing

  Β  Β  Β Last month, I was scraping every corner of my mind and imagination to come up with an idea for NaNoWriMo. I jotted notes, went back to old writing and asked my husband for help. But I had the hardest time, and it was nearly November first before I decided I wanted to… Continue reading The rush and mystery of writing

Writing Journey

Choosing your beta readers

  If you're a writer, and especially a published author, you've probably used beta readers. Maybe you've even been one. So how do you choose your readers? I've been a writer since childhood and used to allow only a few special people to read my poetry and short stories. I've always been extremely shy about… Continue reading Choosing your beta readers

Writing Journey

Can we force inspiration?

  It's that time of the year for me again. Mid-October, close enough to November and the beginning of NaNoWriMo. If I sign up, this will be my sixth year participating. I love the challenge and deadline of this competition. 50,000 words in 30 days. In my earlier days of writing, I never thought I… Continue reading Can we force inspiration?

Writing Journey

A Writer Writes

  How much do you love writing? Do you love to write? Do you love talking about writing? Do you love having written? Seeing your finished product in print or listed on Amazon? If you lost your ability to put pen to paper or type, would you voice it all to continue your passion? I… Continue reading A Writer Writes

Life as I know it, Writing Journey

How important is money to you?

  I've never cared that much about money. That doesn't mean I've never had dreams of winning the lottery or making it big with my writing. But from an early age, I knew I was the kind of person who would never have a high-powered career and make everyone jealous of my disposable income that… Continue reading How important is money to you?

Life as I know it, Writing Journey

Love your authentic self

What is authentic? The definition describes the word as an adjective that means real or genuine and not counterfeit. Synonyms include honest, legitimate, real, true and valid. I love this word and always try to be authentic to myself and everything I do, including my writing. I believe most artists and writers believe in and… Continue reading Love your authentic self


Hope and a free read

I'm sitting here wondering if I should use this post as a therapy session of sorts for myself. If you read my last post, you know that I've been battling fear and depression, and procrastination which leads to self-doubt and guilt. It's all nothing new to me and some times are harder than others. But… Continue reading Hope and a free read