See Me…for real

If you didn’t read my last post, (and chances are good you didn’t), you don’t know that I promised I would finally publish that long overdue second book within a week. And I did–on the seventh day. I already admitted I’m a procrastinator. 🙂

Technically, it was a bit easier this time since I already had my account and all those little details in place. I also researched categories and keywords more than I did the first time. I was nervous and my hands shook, but I did it. And I did it alone except for the always-steady company of my handsome black cat, Jack. (He doesn’t care about my writing and self-publishing. No questions, no judgement=great companion.)

So it’s out there. And when I go to my Amazon author page, I see not one but two books ready for download. The first one is a novel and this second one is a collection of my poetry.

Yes, poetry. I have a sequel to my first novel I’m working on, but my first writing love was poetry and I’ve been dabbling in poetic forms for years. I even have a poetry site where I’ve met some amazingly talented poets and we read, like and comment on each other’s poems. I haven’t posted much on there for a long time, but it’s always a lift on a bad day to check out what my favorite poets have written lately.

So I thought I would gather a collection of my own and See Me: A Poetry Collection is the result.

Publishing anything is scary. The novel was bad enough, but there’s something intimate and possessive about poetry. My poems are based on my memories, experiences and deepest feelings. They are a part of me. Maybe that’s why it took me so long to publish them. Allowing the world to see your most intimate, vulnerable side is tough.

I know I can’t please everyone and many don’t enjoy or get poetry at all. Others laugh, criticize or say how easy it is to write a poem. Roses are Red…they mock. I’ve been through it all over the years and it was always difficult, especially before the days of the wonderful internet. Now it’s easier to meet fellow poets, writers and artists, and our world is less lonely.

My collection of poems don’t follow a particular form, don’t rhyme and they touch on challenging and intimate subjects that might make you uncomfortable.

They are me. They are real.

If you’re interested in reading, I invite you to see me. And I encourage you to write a poem of your own, just for your eyes. You’ll find it cathartic and it’s okay to rhyme. 🙂


**You can find my book links on my about page. Or just head to my author page here:


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