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Choosing your beta readers

  If you're a writer, and especially a published author, you've probably used beta readers. Maybe you've even been one. So how do you choose your readers? I've been a writer since childhood and used to allow only a few special people to read my poetry and short stories. I've always been extremely shy about… Continue reading Choosing your beta readers

Writing Journey

A Writer Writes

  How much do you love writing? Do you love to write? Do you love talking about writing? Do you love having written? Seeing your finished product in print or listed on Amazon? If you lost your ability to put pen to paper or type, would you voice it all to continue your passion? I… Continue reading A Writer Writes

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How important is money to you?

  I've never cared that much about money. That doesn't mean I've never had dreams of winning the lottery or making it big with my writing. But from an early age, I knew I was the kind of person who would never have a high-powered career and make everyone jealous of my disposable income that… Continue reading How important is money to you?


Hope and a free read

I'm sitting here wondering if I should use this post as a therapy session of sorts for myself. If you read my last post, you know that I've been battling fear and depression, and procrastination which leads to self-doubt and guilt. It's all nothing new to me and some times are harder than others. But… Continue reading Hope and a free read

Writing Journey

Who else hates rewriting, editing and rewriting some more?

       I'm going to be honest here. I hate rewriting. I hate editing and I'm pretty sure most writers feel the same way. Sure, there are those odd, admirable writers who love writing that first draft but also love writing the second, third and fourth drafts too. Not me.      I love… Continue reading Who else hates rewriting, editing and rewriting some more?

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See Me…for real

If you didn't read my last post, (and chances are good you didn't), you don't know that I promised I would finally publish that long overdue second book within a week. And I did--on the seventh day. I already admitted I'm a procrastinator. 🙂 Technically, it was a bit easier this time since I already… Continue reading See Me…for real

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My second book is ready to publish–but let me clean the top of the fridge first.

  I'm sitting here, writing this post, when I know I should be heading over to Amazon to publish my long-overdue second book. Oh, and before I hopped on here, I checked Twitter for interesting writing articles, laughed at funny cartoons on Facebook and uploaded a new photo on Instagram. I also did three loads… Continue reading My second book is ready to publish–but let me clean the top of the fridge first.

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I published my first novel last year. So what?

My story with indie publishing isn't much different from probably thousands of others. I've been writing for more years than Amazon has been around. Always had dreams of holding my published book in my hands. Feeling proud. Seeing the proud looks on my family and friend's faces. Oh, the dreams. I won't bore you with… Continue reading I published my first novel last year. So what?