How important is money to you?



I’ve never cared that much about money. That doesn’t mean I’ve never had dreams of winning the lottery or making it big with my writing. But from an early age, I knew I was the kind of person who would never have a high-powered career and make everyone jealous of my disposable income that allowed me to buy multiple houses, cars and travel anywhere and everywhere I want.

Personally, I’ve always been okay with that but other people and society in general have always made me feel less than and many times, a failure. I’ve struggled my whole life with this issue. Knowing that my parents weren’t thrilled with my dreams of writing stalled me from writing for many years. What was the point? Before the wonderful internet, I didn’t have much of a writing community. So I took jobs that stole my passion and sped me into depression and anxiety attacks.

Why are artists and creative people not taken seriously? Why do we have to wear a suit or dress to work to be considered successful or worthy of praise? I know things have changed over the years and creative people have earned more respect and sometimes more money. But I still feel that even if people admire or support you, they still see you as less than if your work isn’t financially successful.

My husband’s friend, Sam, struggled to find his niche in the working world and recently found serious success as a self-employed home inspector. He’s making the kind of money every month we all dream of making, money I know I’ll never make. In the past, I’d feel a stab of jealousy and anger. When my husband first told me about Sam’s success, I did initially think, “Wow, I’d love to make that kind of money.” But the jealousy and anger weren’t there. If anything, I felt bad for my husband because I’m not pulling in that kind of money for us. He does amazing but me…I haven’t won the lottery yet.

As a writer, how important is money to you? Do you write anything and everything just for the money? Do you write outside your comfort zone because it pays well? Do you write for health magazines when your heart and soul just wants to write poetry? Do you write clean romance because its trending right now when your real passion is dark erotica?

I know we all have to pay the bills and many of us have families to feed. It’s okay to make lots of money from your writing. I just hope you don’t forget why you were drawn to the beautiful creativity of writing. I hope you write for you, even if it’s in your journal or the start of your memoir.

In the past, I rejected writing that wouldn’t reflect the real me. Maybe that was foolish because those jobs meant money. But now, I write novels with flawed characters and hopeful endings. I write poetry based on my personal feelings and struggles. And I self-published them proudly, knowing that they probably won’t make me serious money.

But maybe if I continue on my writing journey, work hard and feed my passion, the money will come. I hope it’s come to you and you’re proud of your writing life.

Drop me a line with your thoughts and comments. I’d love to know how you feel about this topic.





4 thoughts on “How important is money to you?

  1. I love this post. I can relate so much. My husband had his dream job and he enjoyed it so much. I became jealous but what actually made me angry was the job he is working now. I applied for the same job position in our town and he applied for the same position in a different town and got it. Of course, it had a lot to do with his experiences and his connections, but I actually told him I deserved that job. I did apologize and realized that it wasn’t meant to be because I don’t have to work as hard anymore 😂😉.

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