Writing plans change



I had a good plan for January–a writing plan that I was excited about. After a month of holiday fun and festivities, I was looking forward to getting back to my work as a writer and my writing world. I missed it and needed to feel that rush of productivity.

So my plan was to finally finish my proofreading and editing for Gia and then move on to my next companion novels, Megan’s Journal and Halloween Eve. I haven’t read Megan’s Journal in a long time and I’m looking forward to revisiting Josh and Megan’s story. But first, get Gia out in the world as the companion novella to Bring Me to Life, which is already available.

But it’s almost February and only yesterday did I begin proofing Gia. So what happened? Life. Challenges out of my control. My husband became ill right after Christmas and, after the new year, was soon in the hospital. This kind of nightmare always puts things into perspective. You remember what’s important–not what, but who. Our people. Our loved ones. Brian is my heart, my lifeline.

Thank God, he came home after a week and, after two weeks of rest, was feeling well enough to return to work this past Monday. He is still on the mend, but is expected to make a full recovery.  A wonderful blessing indeed.

I teased him that he set my writing plan back, but he and I both know that all work always takes a backseat to us and our family. And yesterday, I finally got back to Gia and finished proofing the first five chapters. My new plan is to have it ready to publish by the end of February.

I know this can change and I’m okay with that. The only deadlines I’m on are the ones I make for myself. That’s why I love being an indie author. It took me what felt like forever to publish my first novel, so what’s a little more wait for the second one?

If life slaps you with challenges or you find yourself in a nightmare and you can’t write for a while, don’t be hard on yourself. Your writing, like mine, will happen when it’s supposed to and will make its debut to the world at just the right time.

I can’t wait to hear how it’s going for you in your life and writing. If you have a moment, let me know and take good care of yourself always.


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